Watch Classic Movies on Lakeshore PBS

Tune in to Lakeshore Classic Movies Saturday nights and Sunday mornings as we bring you Detective classics, Film Noir, Murder Mysteries, Comedy, and Family films from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s on Lakeshore PBS. See our schedule for upcoming films over-the-air and on our Livestream. Get more episodes of LCM On-Deman at or find them on the PBS video app on your mobile or streaming device.



Presenting Something Old That is New for Public Television in 2022!

LPM Films is the result of over 12 years of acquiring classic movies from the public domain to broadcast for our Lakeshore PBS audience in Chicago and Northwest Indiana. We are now excited to offer these films to other public television stations across the country, offering your viewers a chance to enjoy a variety of classic movies with some of the leading actors, actresses and directors from Hollywood’s golden age.

These films are all captioned and in HD, and are ready to air without interruption both on-air and online. With unlimited airings over a two-year window, we think these films will make a great addition to your public television lineup.

So whether you are looking to augment your schedule with comedies or dramas; film noirs, mysteries or Westerns; late night horrors or more traditional holiday fare, LPM Films has a catalog with a wide range of quality classic movies available to round out any public television schedule.